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Clean-out Sales 2016!

Hi everyone~ I'm planning on taking a trip to Europe this summer and I am in serious need of money! Here are various K-Pop and visual kei goods for sale. Please mention me on Twitter @hongbeanster if you'd like to buy something. I ship from Texas, USA to worldwide. :) Feedback can be found here: http://perfectpeach86.livejournal.com/23897.html and includes EGL (lolita) sales feedback and some sales from the VK Sales on Facebook page as well. Let me know if you have any questions about the condition of an item or want to see more pictures! Prices do not include shipping. I ship from a non-smoking home. I have one cat but I keep him away from my room and my things.
P.S. I'll be posting this on Twitter and the visual kei stuff will be cross posted to Facebook. Happy shopping. :)

K-Pop (Please ask if you want the poster as well. I can include it folded for no charge, but if you want it in a poster tube it will cost a bit more for shipping.)

Block B:
Blockbuster (Limited Edition) $45
Excellent condition. Although I did use the button/pin that came with it so it's a bit scratched up.
Very Good $15
Welcome to the Block $10
Jackpot with B-Bomb Photocard $15 (Photocard only $5)
Official Light Stick $20

 photo IMG_5725_zpsfgf5l6mi.jpg

Mutnam Official Block B Goods Hoodie (Size L) $50
Bought in 2011. Used, but I only wore it a few times so it's in really great condition for how old it is! Minor creasing on the print but it's not noticeable in real life.
Stock Photos:
 photo 384888_271287282920484_610336204_n_zpsssl6ehp5.jpg

 photo IMG_5740_zpsngfcj1tt.jpg
 photo IMG_5743_zpshvu5dis0.jpg

Block B Very Good Showcase T-Shirt (Official Goods) $35
Very Good condition. ;) Lol but excellent condition, I only wore it once or twice.
 photo IMG_5767_zpshcfleqzv.jpg

EXO: (Photocard only $5)
Overdose Chinese Ver. with Kris photocard $8
Overdose Korean Ver. with Kai photocard $8
Miracles in December Korean Ver. with Lay snow globe card $8
Miracles in December Chinese Ver. with Luhan snow globe card $8
EXO-K MAMA with Chen photocard $7
EXO-M MAMA with D.O photocard $7
XOXO Chinese Ver. with Xiumin photocard (black strip on the side has a spot where it's bent) [Damage]$5
XOXO Korean Ver. with Chanyeol photocard $7
XOXO Repackage Growl Korean Ver. with Baekhyun photocard $15
XOXO Repackage Growl Chinese Ver. with Suho photocard $15
I also have an E-X-O two-fingered RING if you're interested! I just need to find it first lol. Would be for $5.

 photo IMG_5726_zpsgokssh6h.jpg
EXO First Box $20 I have 2 of the earphone winders if you just want that. Would be for $5!
(Random sorry lol) G.NA BLOOM $5
 photo IMG_5762_zps8uceo3o9.jpg

B.A.P: (Not separating the signed CD's card, sorry!)
First Sensibility with Youngjae photocard $25 (Photocard only $10)
One Shot with Himchan photocard $12 Album has a small dent in the top left corner [Dent] (Photocard only $5)
Badman Signed by Youngjae (bought at BAP LIVE ON EARTH 2014 in Dallas) $45 [Close-Up]

 photo IMG_5729_zpscw2xtrk6.jpg
B.A.P Official Slogan $5
 photo IMG_5745_zpszyxqgxdn.jpg

B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 Official Tour T-Shirt $30
Bought at the Dallas show. Excellent condition, I only wore it once.
 photo IMG_5765_zpsqeuvqaqz.jpg

VIXX Boys' Record Photocards
Hongbin black and white $5 Has some damage, looks like a circle-shaped dent. [See Here]
Hongbin photocard x 2 $5 each
Hyuk large card $6
Hyuk photocard $5 (only 1 left)
Leo photocard $6 SOLD thanks!
Ravi photocard x3 $5 each

Album with no photocard is $5. Combo of album and both size cards is only $10! [Proof of Albums]

 photo IMG_5735_zpsgvkocmnb.jpg

VIXX Error Japanese Version with Hakyeon photocard. Photocard only $5. Choose if you want the CD&DVD version or the CD only version. CD only + photocard $10. CD&DVD + photocard $15. One CD only version left! Photocard is SOLD.
 photo IMG_5739_zpsgsleqprn.jpg

Misc. K-Pop
Ailee A's Doll House $5
Ailee Invitation $5
 photo IMG_5733_zpsxgxh63o5.jpg

I also have a Boyfriend signed poster which I can add a photo for if anyone is interested! Would be for $10.

Visual Kei
I actually do have some posters of some of the groups here! Please ask for proof pics if you want a poster. Unsigned posters are free folded with any purchase. Unfolded posters will be shipped in a tube which will cost a bit more.
D SIGNED POSTER $15 Signed at A-Kon 2011. Small size. Has small holes on each corner from being hung up.
Satsuki AWAKE small poster 2009 Free
Dio -Distraught Overlord- Signed Poster Large size. Oni-Con 2008 $15 Has holes from being hung up.
-OZ- Signed poster A-Kon 2012 Small size $15 Has holes from being hung up.
exist trace signed poster $15 Small size. Has holes from being hung up.

Visual Kei Assorted CDs
From top to bottom left to right:
ALSDEAD - Violent of Reason SIGNED 2009 with guitar pick $15
ALSDEAD - S.a.g.A SIGNED 2009 $15
9GOATS BLACK OUT - TANATOS (full album) $15
GPKism Sublimis $5
hurts - Gankyu x Needle $10
Lycaon - Ambrosia $20
D - Dearest you SIGNED 2011 $35
LM.C - Glitter Loud Box $5
lynch. - enemy $5
Sugar - rotten words SIGNED 2008 $15
born - with hate SIGNED 2009 $20
Kaya - Ophelia $10
vistlip THEATER with postcard - $20
Aicle - Psycho Letter w/ Ruby card $10
Canzel - L OVERS E.P. $10
Lycaon - Chains of Collar Making DVD $15
MANNEQUIN - Secret Making DVD $5
Satsuki - AWAKE SIGNED $35
Candy Spooky Theater - Living Dead Spooky Doll's Family $5 Cover is quite scratched up.

 photo IMG_5757_zpsgxwla2im.jpg

Visual Kei T-Shirts All Used Condition

BORN T-shirt. Quite used. It's from 2009. $10 If you're interested in the hand mirror, let me know.
 photo IMG_5746_zpsdfguemzr.jpg

Satsuki T-Shirt 2009 Good Condition $10
 photo IMG_5750_zpst02p8clw.jpg

Dio -Distraught Overlord- T-Shirt 2008 Good Condition $10
 photo IMG_5751_zps7lzbssjv.jpg

Magazines & Flyers
Top row all $2 (Nocturnal Bloodlust Gab x 2, グリーヴァ x DEZERT Gab, Vinyl Syndicate D Ruiza) except for Cure Magazine with AND-eccentric agent- on the cover - $10
Bottom row all $1 (Cure Mini Magazine 2009 featuring born and Satsuki, ensoku flyer, THE BLACK SWAN flyer)

 photo IMG_5759_zpslrwkdfxq.jpg

Vinyl Syndicates and one club Zy - all $2
top to bottom left to right:
Kamiji Yusuke (上地雄輔), MISTR, BugLug, Zoro (ゾロ), Nakamura Yuichi (中村優一), 12012, An Cafe, The Kiddie club Zy vol 008, Merry Gara (メリー ガラ)
 photo IMG_5761_zps4rc0oxuf.jpg

KERA Magazines all $10

Sorry they are out of order in the pic. I'll write them here in order from how they appear in the pic left to right top to bottom.
January 2013
February 2013
July 2013
June 2013
May 2013
April 2013 SOLD
August 2013 SOLD
September 2013
April 2011 SOLD
December 2008 (Used Condition) - $7
January 2014 SOLD
April 2014
January 2015

 photo IMG_5758_zpscwpcqrxc.jpg

AYABIE Intetsu SIGNED photo BTSSB Tea Party 2010 $5
 photo IMG_5756_zpsjjeutsib.jpg

Thanks for looking!
junghwa balloons

Lolita Wishlist

Angelic Pretty

Honey Cake Round JSK - mint with matching headbow (I am also looking for the bag and jewelry!)
AP Honey Cake JSK photo ap_jsk_honeycakeround_mint_zps2e58ee18.jpg

Sweet Jam JSK - either version. pink with matching headbow
AP Sweet Jam JSK photo ap_jsk_sweetjam_pink_zpsd107ddd1.jpg

Freshly Picked Strawberries JSK or OP - pink with matching headbow
AP Freshly Picked Strawberries JSK photo AP_freshly_picked_strawberries_JSK_pink_zpsf15bd9cc.jpg

Strawberry Parlour OP - pink with matching headbow
AP Strawberry Parlour OP photo ap_op_strawberryparlour_pink_zpsfee1e04b.jpg

Petit Patisserie JSK - mint with matching headbow.
 photo ap_petit_patisserie_mint_jsk_zps7bd6952c.jpg

Any AP Bunny Bag in pink
AP Bunny Bag photo ap_rucksack_icecreamlyricalbunny_color_zps594d2958.jpg

Alice and the Pirates

Vampire Requiem JSK - black
AatP Vampire Requiem JSK photo aatp_vampirerequiem_jsk_black_zps8dd453fa.jpg

Ghost Town Merrymaking JSK - black with matching headbow
AatP Ghost Town Merrymaking JSK photo btssb_ghosttown_merrymaking_jsk_zpsec39cbd0.jpg
junghwa balloons

Friends Only!

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This journal is friends only.

Sorry, I'm not accepting friend requests anymore as I don't use this journal as much as I used to.

However, I will add you if we've talked or we've met before somewhere. :) You can still leave a comment, but I can't say that I'll see it.